Getting to know the Desert Charm Living Real Estate Team, Northwest Valley Realtors

Braiden and Shawna of the Desert Charm Living Real Estate Team, Northwest Valley Realtors, help people all over Glendale, Peoria and North Phoenix buy and sell their home. They are visiting Tyler Nickel of Fairway mortgage for a few minutes of unscripted fun.

Getting to know the Desert Charm Living Real Estate Team
Video Transcription

Tyler Nickel: Hey guys, I’m Tyler Nickel with Fairway Arrowhead, and today I have two special guests with me. And, stay tuned, ’cause we’re going to find out some really cool stuff.

Hey guys, welcome back. Today, I am here with two very special guests from the Desert Charm Living Real Estate team, Braiden McKee and Shawna Kurowski. Welcome guys.

Shawna Kurowski: Thank you.

Tyler Nickel: Glad to have you here.

Braiden Mckee: Thank you.

Tyler Nickel: Yeah, so today we’re going to ask you a bunch of goofy questions and then we’re going to ask you a little bit of real estate questions as well, and see what you come up with. You ready?

Shawna Kurowski: Alright.

Braiden Mckee: I guess so.

Tyler Nickel: Alright. Cool. So, let’s start with a softball. Favorite thing to do with your downtime?

Shawna Kurowski: Craft. Anything crafty. I really like to take a bunch of raw materials and put it together and make something cute.

Tyler Nickel: Cool. Cool.

Braiden Mckee: Going out to eat, hiking, just exploring our area.

Tyler Nickel: Awesome. Alright. Now we get into the little crazier questions. Kick it back to the 2000s, did you guys watch Fear Factor and Survivor?

Shawna Kurowski: Oh my gosh. Yes.

Braiden Mckee: Yes.

Tyler Nickel: Which show would you rather compete on?

Braiden Mckee: Survivor.

Tyler Nickel: Survivor?

Braiden Mckee: Absolutely.

Speaker 4: Her hair is funky. You see Shambo, that’s the way she sneaks food. She puts it in her hair.

Tyler Nickel: Yeah, you can’t eat the roaches on Fear Factor? None of that?

Braiden Mckee: No.

Shawna Kurowski: No. At least you don’t starve on Fear Factor, but …

Tyler Nickel: Alright. Skydiving or bull riding, which would you rather do?

Shawna Kurowski: Bull riding.

Braiden Mckee: Oh, I think skydiving.

Tyler Nickel: Oh, different. Alright, alright. Holidays are coming up. Turkey or ham?

Shawna Kurowski: Turkey.

Braiden Mckee: Turkey.

Tyler Nickel: Turkey.

Speaker 5: Okay? Beautiful.

Speaker 6: Yes.

Tyler Nickel: Halloween is right around the corner. Trick or treat?

Braiden Mckee: Treat.

Shawna Kurowski: Treat.

Tyler Nickel: Scuba diving or parasailing?

Shawna Kurowski: Ooh, parasailing.

Tyler Nickel: Yeah.

Braiden Mckee: Scuba diving.

Tyler Nickel: Okay. Wow, you guys are different. If you were a rapper, what would your rapper name be?

Shawna Kurowski: Oh my goodness.

Braiden Mckee: I don’t think I’ve ever been asked that question before.

Tyler Nickel: And you never will again.

Snoop Dogg: What’s my name?

Singers: Snoop Doggy Dog.

Shawna Kurowski: Wow, this is one should let us think about for a little bit.

Tyler Nickel: Nope. Nope. That’s the whole point.

Braiden Mckee: Bray-Bray.

Tyler Nickel: Bray-Bray.

Braiden Mckee: Yes. It’s what …

Shawna Kurowski: Gosh, I have no idea.

Tyler Nickel: Lil’ Shawna.

Shawna Kurowski: Talks Too Much. I don’t know.

Tyler Nickel: Alright. So, why should people, Braiden, use a professional realtor instead of one of these companies that just buys your house directly.

Braiden Mckee: Yeah, so it’s … there’s a lot of considerations when you’re considering using a realtor or going through a direct buy company, but one of the biggest things that people don’t know is that the original price that they give you is actually going to be cut down so much more. They say almost, it could be up to 10% more than if you do use a real estate agent …

Speaker 9: Oh, that’s amazing.

Braiden Mckee: … in your fees, so that’s not considering the first offer. It’s 10% more on top of that. So, it’s very much more expensive, typically, than going with a professional who’s also going to get you more for your home.

Tyler Nickel: Yeah. Thousands of dollars …

Braiden Mckee: Yeah.

Tyler Nickel: … could be, guys.

Shawna Kurowski: Absolutely.

Tyler Nickel: And Shawna, why is now the right time to buy?

Shawna Kurowski: You know, the best reason to buy right now is that interest rates are still at historic lows and even though they are going up, you’re still gonna pay less than your parents did or your grandparents did, and the market is still really strong. So, if you’re thinking about selling, now is a great time, and if you’re looking to buy, now is just an amazing time to buy.

Tyler Nickel: Yeah. Yeah. Alright. Last question, you guys. What is the craziest or weirdest thing you have ever seen in a house when showing a home?

Braiden Mckee: Ooh, I just saw a really weird closet the other day that I thought was a linen closet, but you went in and it was legitimately big enough for a child to live there.

And, it had, it was so creepy. It had shelves and you could tell it had been set up and used for like a little play space. I literally just thought it was gonna be a linen closet and I could actually walk through it. It was so, so weird.

Tyler Nickel: Shawna?

Shawna Kurowski: Mostly it’s just weird things that people have done with their house. Like odd, weird spaces. I haven’t run into anything totally crazy yet.

Tyler Nickel: No bugs or dead rats …

Shawna Kurowski: Not yet.

Tyler Nickel: … or anything like that? Okay. Alright.

Shawna Kurowski: Knock on wood.

Tyler Nickel: Alright guys, well if you wanna get ahold of us, give me a call. I’m your local lender. 602-501-4883. And how can they get ahold of the Desert Charm Living Team?

Shawna Kurowski: You can call us at 602-529-3380.

Braiden Mckee: Or you can visit us online at

Tyler Nickel: Awesome. Alright guys, thanks for tuning in and we’ll catch you next time.

Braiden Mckee: … to the pharmacy for [crosstalk 00:05:18]

Speaker 10: Are you guys talking diarrhea?

Shawna Kurowski: We’re talking first baby poops.

Braiden Mckee: Yeah.

Speaker 10: Oh, first baby poops.

Shawna Kurowski: Very first baby poop.

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