Buying A Home With Cash vs. Financing in The Northwest Valley

We’ve all heard that going into debt is a bad idea but sometimes it makes sense to finance a large purchase, like a home. There’s a lot to consider when making a large purchase and every situation is unique. So which is better — buying a home with cash or financing in the ? We’re […]

Ready To Buy A Home In The Northwest Valley? You’ll Need This First!

So you found the perfect home and you’re ready to make an offer on it…Well there’s one thing that you should have on hand when you are ready to buy a home in the Northwest valley and before you start looking. Hi, I’m Braiden McKee with the Desert Charm Living Real Estate team, and I’m […]

The Biggest Misconceptions About Buying A Home in The Northwest Valley

Buying a home, especially for first-time buyers, can be a complicated, confusing undertaking. And to further complicate matters, the housing market is different from what it was just a decade or so ago. Some of the rules that once applied no longer matter now. It doesn’t help matters any that there is so much bad information and […]

Slaying Myths About Buying A Home In The Northwest Valley Arizona

Slaying Myths About Buying A Home Slaying myths about buying a home in the Northwest Valley area, including Glendale, Peoria, and North Phoenix. Many potential first time home buyers believe they have to have a perfect credit score and 15 to 20% for a down payment in order to buy a house in the Northwest […]