What You Should Know When Buying In a New Home Build Community

Buying In a New Home Build Community

A New Home Build Community In The Northwest Valley

Hey guys, Desert Charm Living Real Estate team here. I’m Shawna, this is Braiden and Henry and we’re out here at Union Park at Norterra a new home build community in North Phoenix.

New Home Build Community - Union Park Norterra

We wanted to talk to you guys a little bit today about buying in a new home build community and what that looks like. One of the reasons we really love Union Park is there’s a lot of things going on here for the community to make it feel a lot more like a community. They have a community pool, they have a lot of activities that they do for the residents here. They have a little kiddie pool for the little ones and they have parks. They have a main park here but then they have parks dispersed throughout the community, which is really great. They also have plans for retail coming soon here as well as a neighborhood school that will be right here on the other side of The Post for the kids that live in this area. Union Park has three builders out here currently with a fourth scheduled to come this fall.

Things To Consider When Thinking About New Home Construction

One of the biggest consideration when buying in a new home build community is just what your specific situation is and what your goals are. If you’re a first time home buyer, let’s say you’re currently renting, you’re gonna need to consider when your lease ends, is that going to meet up with a timeline of when your new build will be finished? Or are you going to have to renew your lease or maybe renew for a shorter lease period? If you have your typical 12 month lease that ends in the middle of when your new home build is being constructed, maybe you need three to six months instead of a full 12 month lease. Or if you’re a home owner and you’re looking to, maybe you’re looking to move up to a new build community or downsize, maybe just move into a new community that you are just absolutely in love with. What is it going to take to sell your home? Do you need to do renovations? Do you absolutely have to sell that home in order to buy into that new home build community? So it’s really important, I think, to talk to a professional, talk about what your home ownership goals are and how we can help get you there.

The First Step When Buying a New Build

The first step is you’re definitely going to want to go visit each new home build community you are interested in to see what you like. You may find that there’s a particular builder that you just have fallen in love with, with the design of their homes. You also want to look at the area amenities. What’s close by and what fits your lifestyle. So you’ll want to visit different new home construction communities so you can definitely have a good feel for what works for you and your family and meets your goals.

Talking With a Realtor Before You Visit That New Model Home

A lot of people will just go and visit the model homes and they won’t call a realtor because they’re not necessarily serious right now. But here’s the thing, that is one of the biggest ways that you can harm yourself when you’re buying a new construction home and here’s why. It’s that, you go into a model home, you’re going into the builder’s territory, essentially. And the reps that are there work for the builder and they’re going to ask you to sign in and if you don’t have a realtor with you they’re not going to let you use a realtor for the rest of the process. So they’re cutting out you having someone to represent you, to negotiate for you, having someone communicate with the builder, get updates for you, and that’s not in your best interest, as a buyer. You want someone that’s representing you, not the seller. You want someone working for your best interest and also getting updates and communicating and doing a lot of the things that you are not going get without a real estate agent, essentially.

Who Pays That Realtor Fee

When you have a realtor represent you when you go into a model home, the seller actually pays our commission so it doesn’t cost you anything to have somebody help you and be on your side. The seller has representation and you really want to have that representation as well. A lot of buyers will tell us that they hear it’s gonna cost them extra to use us when they buy in a new home build community and that’s just simply not the case. It doesn’t cost the builder anything extra it’s built into their cost and what they’re offering. If anything if you don’t use a realtor, they’re saving money. So it doesn’t cost you extra. They’re not gonna add on our fee to your home purchase.

The bottom line is that as a buyer it’s really important to make sure that you have representation and know the facts before going into a new home build community.

Give us a call or write us to get a current list of options for the new home build community of your choice and discuss your home buying goals!

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