An Arizona native, Shawna grew up in the Northwest Valley and has had a front seat to see the valley grow and evolve over the years. Shawna truly loves Arizona and the many features this beautiful state has to offer.

Shawna was born to be a mom and always knew she wanted a large family. Early on, Shawna and her husband decided that she would stay home with the kids.

This of course was not without its challenges. Raising four kids on one income required some creativity for sure but paled in comparison to the gift of being able to stay home and raise them. As Shawna’s kids got a little older, she gained valuable experience and insight working virtual customer service for companies like Amazon and Children’s Place; non-profits such as Wounded Warrior Project, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. She even turned her love of crafting from a hobby to a successful and profitable business before landing in real estate.

Real estate became an easy choice for Shawna. Tired of renting, she purchased her first house when she was only 23 years old with little of her own money. Some years later, Shawna started helping distressed homeowners and was hooked. The satisfaction of being able to truly help someone in need was empowering.

Shawna takes her responsibility to serve very seriously. One of her first transactions as a licensed agent was helping a first-time home buyer. Shawna appreciates the unique position home sellers are in and specializes in bringing them peace of mind throughout the home selling process. Shawna’s goal, no matter if you are a home seller or buyer, is to give you a positive experience, to move the real estate transactions from intimidating to approachable, chaotic to comfortable, distant to personable all while having a little fun along the way.

When not working, Shawna enjoys spending time with her husband and family, her two dogs, Turbo and Charger and cooking, baking or crafting.